International Trailer Untuk Film Perang Dunia II, “THE MAN WITH THE IRON HEART”


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Trailer terbaru untuk film Perang Dunia II yang berjudul “HHhH” atau “The Man With The Iron Heart” telah dirilis.  Film ini bercerita tentang misi pembunuhan Reinhard Heydrich di Prague pada bulan Mei 1942. Misi rahasia ini dikenal dengan nama “ANTHROPOID”. Ya betul, film ini mengangkat cerita yang sama dengan film “ANTHROPOID” yang rilis pada 2016 lalu. Para cast dalam film ini adalah Jason Clarke, Rosamund Pike, Jack O’Connell, Jack Reynor, Noah Jupe, Adam Nagaitis, Enzo Cilenti, Oscar Kennedy, dan Mia Wasikowska. Film ini sudah selesai 1 tahun lalu, namun disimpan dulu, karena sepertinya mereka tidak ingin merilisnya berbarengan dengan film Anthropoid. Simak Trailernya dibawah ini…

“1942: The Third Reich is at its peak. The Czech resistance in London decides to plan the most ambitious military operation of WWII: Anthropoid. Two young recruits in their late twenties, Jozef Gabcik and Jan Kubis, are sent to Prague to assassinate the most ruthless Nazi leader – Reich-protector Reinhard Heydrich, Head of the SS, the Gestapo, and the architect of the “Final Solution”. HHhH, or The Man With The Iron Heart, is directed by French filmmaker Cédric Jimenez, of The Connection and Aux yeux de tous previously. The screenplay is written by Cédric Jimenez, David Farr, and Audrey Diwan; adapted from the novel by Laurent Binet. The film is set to open in Europe starting this summer, including in France on June 7th, and in Scandinavia later this fall.” 

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